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Make an advance reservation with a local company Charlotte Strippers: Wild Thingz Entertainment.

The “best” strippers are the first to be booked; so make sure you plan in advance. It’s a good idea to book at least 1 week in advance.
Strippers will perform anywhere a private party can be accommodated as well as in homes and hotel rooms.

Depending on which type of show you book, the average stripper will stay anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours.
However, when your guys  are tipping and polite, the girls will usually stay longer. 

Most strippers are priced anywhere between $100-$200 for an hour show. Entertainers usually collect this fee in cash at the door. So, collect before the girls get there and designate one or two guys to do the negotiations.

You should know that companies take a certain amount off the top, and some even take as much as half of the total fee. Therefore, strippers will usually ask for extra money before the show. This extra money goes towards activities that are bound to please guests, and especially the Man of Honor. If your party falls outside of their regular service area, there may be additional charges for travel costs.
So, inquire about this prior to booking.

When searching for strippers, be careful of too good to be true advertising. Remember, it’s about quality not quantity. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Always ask for pictures. Ask if the agency can direct you to their website to see the pictures. If the agency does not have a web site, ask for the most current photos to be mailed to you. If the photos are too perfect, use caution. If the girl is hiding her face behind a hat, be careful. Or better yet, run. A lot of agencies will try and fool you into believing these girls are great, but don’t believe it. A lot of these women are old, and way past their prime. The best thing is to ask around for recommendations or read our recommendations!

What to book?
Make sure that the entertainment is booked in advance (1 week prior). Scout out potential locations that will allow for Bachelor Parties with strippers. Most “erotic” dancers will have special packages for Bachelor Parties.
Charlotte Bachelor Party Packages  

Find out what each package includes, ,and how much it will set you back. 
Find out what ‘type” of girl the Groom likes and book her for the main event. However, make sure to book a variety of girls for the rest of the attendees.
Tell everybody who is going to attend how much the dancers are going to cost, and collect the money at the door. Most dancers will have a set price and will charge more for any extras once they get to your party location.

What does the Best Man need to cover?

Have a quick chat with the bachelor, preferably beforehand, and find out what he does and does not want to go down at the party. This is his last night out as a bachelor so a little embarrassment is certainly imperative, but overall you want him to have a good time. Try to limit the possibility of any memories of shame.

Make a list of guests and send out emails requesting RSVP’s by a specific date (usually 2-4 weeks prior to the  event). Providing a map and directions to the location is especially helpful for out-of-town guests. Have your guests view the stripper’s photos on their web site. If the girls are hot, guys will usually free themselves to come.

Make sure all of the guests arrive at least 1 hour before the strippers. Get fired up! However, strippers are not always on time so plan for a 1-hour window. Have a clean room ready for the strippers to change in. They usually prefer a bathroom that is off limits to guys.

Make sure you have the money in advance. It’s tactful and professional. Make sure people have cash to tip!

When the strippers show up make sure the bachelor isn’t dirty and somewhat sober, i.e. conscious. Vomiting is a turn off for the strippers, and smelling like a donkey is just plain gross to begin with.

Stripper rules?
Strippers have rules believe it or not. Even though they are entertaining for your pleasure, it’s extremely important that you treat the girls with respect. Nothing ruins a party faster then some wasted jerk acting like a total fool. Control your boys!
Most strippers prohibit the use of cameras or video recording devices during the show. They will also usually come with security  to keep things from getting too rowdy. Make sure everybody complies with the rules!!!
Don’t be a jerk, and be polite.

It's all about the money!
We recommend a minimum one girl for every 10 guests. You can obviously book as many strippers as your budget will allow. But remember to add the total room rental, (if applicable) food/catering charges, kegs/or other  bar charges and total entertainment fees, and divide that number by the number of confirmed guests.
The average party comes to about $30 a head, but can be anywhere from $20-$100, depending upon where you have your show and how much entertainment you book. Always collect an extra $10-20 more per guest than you need. It’s always better to have more then less.

Tipping your stripper is essential. The more tips handed out, the better the show. Don’t let the guys be thrifty.
Now is the time to waste as many singles, fives and tens as possible!

To arrange for Charlotte strippers to your party go to:Charlotte Strippers by Wild Thingz Entertainment 

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